Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pictures I took after Seth first left for Basic Training

These are pictures of me, our Cane Corso, Sam, and our adopted beauty (mutt), Lucy. As soon as I got his address, which was several weeks after he'd been gone, I sent him these pictures and all the letters I had been writing him. (We didn't get to talk on the phone for over a month.) He says he sleeps with the picture of me by his heart every night. His drill sergeant even asked about it. Now the other married men do the same thing. <3 He also said the drill sergeants look at their pictures. At the beginning of BCT (basic combat training) they are not yet considered soldiers. They aren't supposed to say "hooah" or do any other "army" things. When they saw the pics of Sam with his "Hooah" sign, they started joking and said, "That dog's not a soldier! Warren, you tell that dog to get in push-up position." Lol! Seth says they don't do it often, but it's always good to get the Drill Sergeants to laugh.

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