Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Army Wife Road Trip

Well, two Sundays ago Seth told me on the phone that they could have visitors during their pass if they get a pass on Sundays from that point forward. The Drill Sergeant told him it was a risk the visitor would have to take because if their company did not get a pass, the visitor would have come for nothing. Also, the soldiers can't leave the base or get in a car or anything, and they have to have a "battle buddy" at all times. So, I told Seth that I was planning on coming the next Sunday! We were both excited, but still unsure if I would even get to see him.

Then, my air conditioner broke and I thought it was going to have to be replaced. Then, I had to have a root canal, a crown, and three fillings. Then, I got some itchy rash I thought was Shingles all over my back. I was starting to feel like Job in the Bible! I certainly was not going to drive all that way, spend all that money, and then not get to see my husband. But, I couldn't bear the thought of him thinking I was coming and then me not being there, so it all felt that much worse. I just wanted to talk to him so badly! I really almost called the emergency Red Cross number they gave us to call ONLY if an immediate family member dies. I thought I was going to...that should be enough, right? Well, after several emotional breakdowns, my daddy holding me while I cried, a fixed air conditioner and a trip to the dentist and doctor, everything got back in order. We also got some extra money that came in, so I was able to pay for it all and cover the trip. The only thing was Seth didn't want me to go alone. I don't know many people who can or would be willing to drop everything and drive to Missouri to sit while I MIGHT get to see my husband. Actually, several people probably would have done it, but I didn't even want to ask. But, I did know two other Army wives whose husbands are in Seth's company, and I figured they might be willing. (Technically I had never really met them, just chatted on Facebook.) So, I asked them to join, and of course, they figured out a way to make it happen.

We met up in Tennessee, drove to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, got to the base at 4:00 AM, running on adrenaline and the knowledge that we were actually in the same state as our husbands. We saw where they live! The address where we have been sending all these letters. We drove by the church. "OMG, they have been there!" "There is the PX, where they always come to shop!" "They can probably hear those same birds chirping!" (Yes, I actually said that, but in my defense, I was delerious.)

We get a hotel room, TRY to sleep, then get up and start getting ready feeling SUPER nervous. Every time someone's phone rang we all jumped! Is it them?! Finally at 12:30 Seth called. "Are you here?" he asked. "Yes, and do not tell them, but I have W's and E's wives with me!" Needless to say, he was very excited, and I had to tell him twice more, "Do not tell them! Their wives want to surprise them!" So, we met up with them, got introduced to all their friends, and had a wonderful visit for about 5 hours! It was just what we all needed to get through this last month. The guys were so thankful. One of the husbands came to me before we left and said, "Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!" We all agreed the countless hours in the car, loss of sleep, money for gas and hotels, it was TOTALLY worth it! Here are some photos from the trip:


  1. As a mother of a Marine, I know all too well about the sleepless roadtrips taken to see my son, and the countless hours, days, weeks and months from not being able to see him.It does make it better once I get to see him.I'm so thankful that his PDS is in Nc, just 8 hrs away.When he was in California was the most difficult. Be sure to thank your husband for his service.I never truly understood the sacrifices our military and their families make until I became one..Take care:)

  2. I love this! I am so glad you got to see him and surprise the other guys too. so cool :)
    - donora